MochimaMochima Beaches: Playa Arapito, Playa Colorada and Playa Santa Fe are the best known of the beaches of Mochima.

Playa Blanca - the most famous and is very beautiful with white sand, turquoise waters and coral reefs wonderful. many services and easy access to the town of Mochima Near the peninsula known as Oil Castilla, is Manare a fishermen settlement, lies on the western side of the peninsula, even near the city, is Las Maritas are offered only you can be accessed by boat.

Quiet throughout the days of the week, most of the beaches of Mochima become tourist attractions busy on weekends. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and fishing boats can be rented to visit a number of islands and reefs near the coast, which are wonderful for diving and fishing.


Islands: The park contains over 35 islands, beaches and crystal clear waters extend eastward from the island of Margarita, as well as a significant part of the adjacent coastal mountains. Deep water between the islands of Mochima is good for watching whales and dolphins and turtles are often seen along with many birds. There are wonderful sunsets here in this part of Venezuela, seen the best from the top along the cliffs. Much of this area is accessible by car. Fishing, diving and snorkeling are excellent as is the seafood. Canoe Islands and Canoita, offer a unique landscape where snorkeling in its rich coral reefs. Here you will find a steamer sunk in this underwater paradise. These deserted beaches closed to the public from May to August, the nesting season for the protected sea turtle.

Once on the islands there are good excursions where you can easily find iguanas. Excursions to the top of the island are rewarded with magnificent views of the park.

Municipalities: The small side street to the village of Mochima offers spectacular views of mangrove Mochima Bay, the continental section of Mochima National Park and actually a series of valleys and fjords submerged. Most other towns have small hotels, inns and restaurants, and camping is popular on the beaches. By stalls, taxis and buses will operate along the coast road and any beach or bay is easily accessible.

Santa Fe, 50 minutes from Puerto La Cruz Road, located in the Mochima National Park at the foot of the mountains of Turimiquire, founded by the Franciscans during the third voyage of Columbus to the Americas.


El mas popular en Mochima

Mochima Lodge
Mochima Lodge starstarstarstar superior
$70   Per night

Carretera Nacional Puerto La Cruz Cumana, Venezuela, Arapito, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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Posada Gaby
Posada Gaby starstarstar
$11.70   Per night

Ubicada en el pueblo de Mochima, Estado Sucre . y al final de la calle principal, Mochima, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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Villa Majagual
Villa Majagual starstarstarstarstar superior
$50   Per night

A 36 Km de Puerto La Cruz y a 7 Km de Santa Fe en la carretera a Cumaná, con fácil aceso con via privado, Santa Fe, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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Posada Carmencita
Posada Carmencita starstarstar superior
$8,00   Per night

400 mts de Playa Colorada, Playa Colorada, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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Villa Vicenta
Villa Vicenta starstarstar superior
Please ask for best price

Calle Principal #203, Mochima, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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La Sierra Inn
La Sierra Inn starstarstarstarstar
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Santa Fe, Playa Cochaima Mochima, Playa Cochaima, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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El Embajador
El Embajador starstarstar
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Main Street, Mochima, 6101, Sucre, Venezuela

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